Floral and Pastels


Just last Friday, my tito celebrated his 50th birthday. There was a big celebration, and we were requested to wear a summer outfit. I originally planned to wear my pink, white and orange floral dress, but it was too long when I wore it, and I couldn’t pin it properly to make it look shorter.


Details on my skirt :)


Top: I forgot the brand!! Haha how silly. I’ll update this when I already know the name of the brand hahaha
Skirt: Our tita had it made. But I borrowed it from my sister! LOL
Flats: Solemate



I asked my sister if she could take my outfit shots, and she said yes but she had one condition: that I do the pose above! I couldn’t argue with her, coz I couldn’t find anybody who could take pictures!! Also, I feel kinda stupid for doing that because as we were taking the pictures, there were 4 kids watching us. LOL.

* don’t judge the quality, these were taken by my phone’s camera, and I had no time to edit them. All are raw pictures. Just let me work my way around Photoshop and I’ll be okay

This is what I wore last Saturday, April 27, when we went to Vigan from Pangasinan!

Top: Parklane
Shorts: Forever21
Necklace: Bought in Macau
Shoes: Solemate
Bag: Bella Donna

Since it’s very hot (emphasize on very), I chose to don a breezy outfit. Dresses are out of the questions, because we were basically inside the car most of the day, and I know that only a few people will see me (lol). Not to sound vain or anything, I really don’t like to dress up during vacations when I know we’re only going to spend most of the day inside the car.

Photo credits: my mum haha

Why rush? :)

A lot has been saying that having a romantic relationship with someone will make you happy. I guess the word “happy” doesn’t really give justice to what I wrote above. Let me rephrase it, one will be elated when in a relationship.

Take it from me, boys and girls, having a boyfriend/girlfriend will not bring you insta-happiness. You may say that it sounds absurd. But think about it, you need not equate happiness to being in a relationship. Don’t agree? Let’s just put it this way: I certainly doubt that you guys have had boyfriends/girlfriends when you were 3 years old. Weren’t you happy back then? Deny all you want, but I’m sure you were always happy as a child. Simple things like watching cartoons or receiving candies make kids happy.  Why stress that you need to be in a relationship now?

Don’t rush things, because God definitely has something good in store for you. The best things always happen to those who knows how to wait patiently. :)

Mind boggling

It has really been a while since I last wrote a full text post here. As I attempt to begin writing again, an influx of various unexplainable emotions hit me straight to my chest. I’ve been lately having a hard time searching for the accurate words to completely express myself. It scares me how I’ve been so disconnected with my sentiments that I can’t fully be articulate with my words which thoroughly gives an explanation of how I usually feel. And it frustrates me not being certain of such things.


You have no idea how much it hurts to feel like an option. To always feel like the second choice. To be the better, but never the best.
People say I should stop being so emotional and just take things less serious. Change is good. Change is best when done in a really hard situation that you are in. Or when you’re feeling really bad. Because it pushes you to go on. The problem, the feeling, it becomes yout motivation to continue changing.
I just can’t continue on with my life feeling like this, like a piece of shit. Someone taken for granted. I need change. I need to fix myself up. Put the pieces together and hold it tighter.
And when I’m done putting back the pieces together, I’ll show the world that I’m not the same person they used to know.
Let hate be my motivation.

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